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Crossing over in 2019

We come to a closure of timing of old seasons, sign, days and this year of 2018. We have to pay attention to the timing of where we need to be. Before you jump the broom, make a resolution, make sure you have an hear to hear what the spirit is trying to tell you. God will never lead you wrong. Loose your garments that you can twirl into your prosperity of greatness! Walk into your destiny with steps of knowing God is ordering them. Grab hold to the altar of the horn and don’t let the cares of this world or things in your past to stop you from crossing over into Victory!

Beware of Vampires!

I know that we think of movies, and the sucking of your neck. Bats flying and turning into a man. Yes, that’s all true from real life! Before you cross over into 2019 make sure you don’t get sucked back in to a place with people who will drain you and keep you in a depression or emotionally State. Watch who is among you before you get close to anyone on this next season! Stay away from the Wolves and Vampires that will slaughter your dreams, love, visions, businesses, spiritual life, or anything you have set goals to come up.

There are real “VAMPIRES”

I was in a relationship that I thought was the perfect one. Little did I know I was being “BEWITCHED” by my boyfriend. I was mesmerized by sex, his company, his dreams instead of my own. It was like when he kissed me I was being drawn into a world that only sucked me in. Beware of the Wolves, Dogs, Leech, Parisites, because they all have something in common.I leave with you this scripture.2 Corithians 17; Therefore, “Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord”.